Monday, January 5, 2009

Personalized Baking Dish

My sister did this as a craft for her Super Saturday Craft Day in her church and she gave them as gifts. This is a regular baking dish that she has faux "etched" the person's last name on the bottom. This is such a cool technique and you can do endless things with this.

The basic instructions are this...print out the person's last name in a large font, then you tape it to the glass dish. **Please note that pyrex does not work**

You then take some transparent contact paper and you stick it to the other side and then with an exacto knife, you cut out the letters of their name. You can also do designs or little symbols...whatever you want.

Then, you take this glass etching liquid and you paint it on the area that you have cut out. The area where you do not have the contact paper will leave the glass etched look. This is really a fun wedding gift idea because who doesn't take a casserole dish to a church function and then never get it back because no one knows who it belongs to? This is the perfect solution. You can get these glass dishes for less than $10 at your basic discount store and I love to give a personalized its a win-win!

She also added 2 small ornaments, a cute recipe card, some crinkle paper for cuteness, and the non perishable ingredients for the recipe on the card. On the food containers, she just covered them with cute paper and then wrapped the whole thing in cellophane and tied a big bow on was so cute! (Note on the cake mix, she only covered the front side)

This one is already unwrapped so you can see all the goods inside. For more specific instructions, just see the instructions that come with the liquid and remember to be VERY careful because this is not the kind of liquid that you want to get on your skin or spill on your glass top table!

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