Friday, January 16, 2009

Card Inspiration

I thought I would share some inspirational inspirational I mean to inspire you to create some cards...not that the cards themselves have an inspirational theme and tell you to aspire to greatness...although maybe they do!

Anyway, these are not cards I have made, in fact if I had to guess, I would say that Lindsey made both of these. I believe one is from a card swap and another is from a set of cards Lindsey gave me.

This first card is a thank you card. In the picture, I have the card sitting on top of the white envelope. This cute card looks like a little purse.

Recipe: It was made with designer paper cut out in a circle with about an inch not being cut so that it is still connected (Paper is Stampin' Ups "Au Chocolate" which is retired but they have a similar designer paper that you can still buy). The designer paper is double sided so there is another print on the inside which is pictured in the second picture. Then, a pink circle is adhered to the middle with a "Thank You" Stamp going around and around in the circle with a heart stamp in the middle. The words and heart are stamped in chocolate chip brown and the pink heart is colored in with pink marker. The "thank you" circles are on a cream colored circle with pink "daubed" around the edge. The top of the circle has a copper colored library clip on it. The ribbon is laced through two hole punches on the sides of the flat part that holds them together and a pink checkered grosgrain ribbon is ties on one side. The inside follows the same basic theme with circle punches or cutouts and a pink heart stamp. This card is just could also be switched around and the "Thank you" could be a " You're invited" and it could be a birthday or party invitation for a girls party.

The next card is a birthday card for a boy (or man) and it has an opening on the side and you pull the little green ribbon out and the red card slides out. The car, "beep beep", and stop sign are part of a stamp set, the black uphill road is just black paper, and the scene is on a cream colored background and then adhered to a yellow paper and blue card stock to frame it up nicely. The red card has a hole punched in it to hold the "pull tab" green ribbon which is from Stampin' Ups certainly celery ribbon and it has a stamp that says "driving by with a birthday "Hi"!" and the stop light is from the same stamp set as the car and then 3 buttons are glued on for the lights, a red, yellow, and green button.

( Sorry for the shadow on this picture.)
So, get some inspiration and go make a card for someone. I love to receive handmade cards, I know that the person spent some time on the card and that is better than a store bought card any day!
Have a fun weekend! Be beautiful!

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Stamp With Linz said...

Yep made them both. The first I gave to you at retreat & the second was a workshop card. That second card is one of my all-time favorites. I just love it. The purse card is something I love to do, its just cute cute cute. :)
You can see all of my "year's best" cards up on my blog now...

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