Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts-I lost my shoes

I am here to apologize to anyone who has been looking for another high heels work out...alas, I have not done any. For one, the weather has been cold but not near as cold as it has been in other places so I really can't complain except to say I am a Texas girl and my blood is thin...what can I say?

Anyway, there has been another actually good reason why I haven't worked out in the last little shoes have disappeared! I can't find them...I am so sad! I really only have one decent pair of running and workout shoes and they have grown legs and run away. I have been wondering if I lost them somewhere on our trip, but I think I can remember wearing them the day we left they must be somewhere between Phoenix and Texas. Maybe I left them in a hotel? Maybe they fell out of the car? Maybe Maybe Maybe?

Anyway--I am sad...I have a history of injuries to my shins, so shoes are really important to me and my shins, so I can't just wear any old willy nilly running shoes...I need good ones! And, its January, so I am broke and can't go buy any...sad times folks, sad times!

But....drum roll please....the good news is that my husband got a promotion today!!!! (In case you are new to my life or need to be updated....he lost him job this summer and with the economy and the industry he was is, he ended up having to change career paths and go in a total new trajectory. He has really liked his new job but he had to start at the ground level (and pay) and show that he was a hard worker and his hard work has paid off! Wahoo! )

So, payday is tomorrow for my hubbie and I get paid this I am buying me some new shoes!

Yea for shoes!!!

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