Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preschool-Going on a bear hunt!

Today my sister was in charge of her little girls weekly preschool class and they studied Zoo animals. She did some really cute things...the letter for the week was Z...hence the Zoo theme! She took stuffed animals and put Zs around some of their necks and the kids had to go in each room and look for the animal with the Z. oOce they found the animal, then they decided if the animal needed to go in the zoo.

They also read the book "Going on a Bear hunt" and then did some crafts.

One of the crafts was a huge hit with the kids, its called marble art. You take a box like a shirt box and you tape a piece of paper in the bottom of the box and then you take a marble and drop it in some paint and then the kids swirl the marble around in the box...marble art! She said they just LOVED this and would ask for different colors and had a really good time.

The other thing they did was make a lion mask that was cute. You can see a picture of the lion and the marble art at her blog at

Way to go Linz!

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