Monday, January 5, 2009

Places to go: The Great Plains Transportation Museum

This is a new segment I am going to add on the good old blog called "Places to Go." As I travel around and see fun and interesting things, I will post about them and tell you what I thought.

During our travels to Utah for Christmas, we stopped in Wichita, Kansas to go to the Great Plains Transportation Museum. Their website is

This is a TRAIN MUSEUM...and if any of you have a little boy like mine, he LOVES trains! Chooo Chooo!

This is not a huge museum but it does have quite a few trains that you can actually get up in and look around, both engines and cabooses and a few other random cars, it lets you see these big beautiful machines up close and personal...and they really are BIG!
Unfortunately for was 27 degrees F and very windy and our Texas blood just did not allow for us to spend much time there. Most of the exhibit is outside (in the trains) so try to go on a warm day if you can. Since it was so cold, they gave us a coupon for half off the next time we are in Kansas, and I am sure we will go again next time we are in that part of the country.

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