Saturday, January 10, 2009

Craft-Modge Podge on a Metal Star

When I was in Utah for Christmas, my sister in law showed me a project she was working on. It was modge podging pictures onto those large decorator metal stars that you see in the craft and decorator stores. I think its a really fun way to give someone a "scrapbook" of pictures. Once you have all the pictures where you want them, then you put layers of modge podge on them and let it dry and it becomes all shiny and cool looking. I did some googling and found some pictures and links so I thought I would share with you...

This one was done with pictures and scrapbook paper and it was a Mother's Day gift, the link to this blog is

Here is one that was done with just scrapbook paper and no pictures. I think it makes a nice door decoration....I may have to do this for my door!

The link to this one is here and she also has instructions on how to do it.

On this same blog, she also did some wooden blocks with modge podge and I thought they were cool looking as well.

Thanks for the great ideas Amy!

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