Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Craft-Lunch Bag Scrapbooks as teacher gifts

(Don't let the white and pastel polka dotted blanket throw you off.)

Here are some more of those lunch bag scrapbooks that I talked about earlier in the year. I am making these as teacher gifts for my son's teachers. I made 8 of them....it did take quite a while and I was really glad when I was finally through. I think next time I will take on an easier project, but if I only had to make one or two, it wouldn't have taken much time at all.

I bought these lunch bags in bulk at Sam's. I think they were around $6-$7 and there is 500 of them. While I don't plan on making a gazillion of these, I thought I could use the lunch sacks for other things so I just went ahead and got them. I used 4 bags but I think if I had to do a bunch, I would only use 3 bags next time. The beauty of this project is that the pages and layouts are so small! The paper I cut to put on the page is only 4.5"X 4.5". So, you could easily do this with scraps. Plus, I tried to do the pages in bulk, so I would try to make 8 pages of the same page at once. Like I said, I spent quite a bit of time on this, but I think if you did it in stages, you wouldn't notice it as much. for instance, if you cut out all the squares one night, then stamped the embellishments the next time, then added brads and such another time, etc.

I think his teachers will love them and HEY, at least I am DONE!

So, grab some lunch bags and make a scrapbook! A variation on this is to only use the lunch bag as the scrapbook cover and then cut card stock that is 9"X 4.5" and make them the pages. You can staple or sew down the middle for the binding or punch holes and use ribbon as a "binder." Once again, the possibilities are endless!

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