Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scrapbooking--Big Pictures and Combining Pics

(This page is laying on a polka doted blanket, so don't let that throw you off.)

This is one of my favorite pages I have ever done. I loved how all these photos turned out from our day with the vintage trains. My son LOVES trains! I like to have some variance in my scrapbook pages and use different sizes of photos. The big picture in front of the train (The trains name is Puffy, by the way) is actually an 8.5" X 11" picture and I cropped it down a little bit. My sister helped me on this one because I literally sat looking at the photos for at least 45 minutes before I had any inkling how to get them on the page, so I put it away and worked on something else until I could get my professional scrap booking sister to come help me with the layout. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

I also like the large picture on the second page. I did not have another picture that I had had blown up so she suggested I create a big picture by combining some pictures into one. I love the way everything looks and I am so pleased that our pictures with Puffy can now be highlighted in such a pretty way! I also can't wait to go the the Great Plains Transportation Museum on our way west for Christmas...I should mention that we are going north then turning left to go west, otherwise you would all wonder why I thought Kansas was west of Texas. :)

Have a beautiful day and make a beautiful page in your life!


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rpp said...

I love these two pages-I need to remember to order pics in different sizes, b/c I love this! I think my fav part of it is where you combined the three pics though. :)

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