Monday, November 17, 2008

Craft-Paper in a frame

Howdy again...
This is a take off from scrap booking and it is so simple and easy!! If you have a square punch, this goes really quickly. I made this for one of my primary girls who is turning 12 this week. All you do it punch out the squares and put them in a grid pattern and then embellish them with buttons, stamp cut outs, paperclips, ribbon, etc. If your squares do not have enough room to fit all the way across, you can trim them down just a hair to make them all fit nicely.

This frame cost me $1 at the dollar spot at Target and the paper cost is super minimum as well since I already had the stuff on hand. In fact, I think I mainly used scraps, so it was probably a total of less than $2, and it easily could have been cheaper than that! Really, since I had everything on hand, including the frame that I bought months ago, its really just a freebie in my head.

So, enjoy this super simple craft!


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Stamp With Linz said...

So stinkin' cute- she ought to LOVE it, I would!

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