Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Thoughts--I have gotten a ton done this week!


Its been a strange week for me this week. Since my son was sick for the first half, I was home with him and got to spend some time around the house. On Saturday, my hubby had to go help out one of his former farmers that he used to work with when he was in the poultry industry, so my son and I were together all day again. We went grocery shopping, then came home for a while and then went to Target. Then he conked out for a nice nap and I got some quality time on the computer making hotel reservations for our Christmas driving trip. I then baked 2 batches of wheat bread (the equivalent of 8 loaves) and a batch of corn bread, plus I mixed up the dry ingredients for 2 more batches that I will make tonight and again later this week. Because I have been home so much, I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders and things are finally starting to go back to normal at my house. Its been such a crazy semester with Hurricane Ike and our normal super busy football season, plus I am involved with a major renovation on campus and that has taken up extra time as well...its been one of the craziest semesters I have had in the 8 years I have worked for the university. But as of now, all my dishes are clean, my laundry is completely done except for the clothes we wore yesterday....I love that feeling. I have even matches up a ton of socks! The laundry is all put away (except for the socks which are heading there soon.) and things are more organized. Now, I still have a few odds and ends here I need to pick up, but its such a relief to have that all done before I get to the Thanksgiving break! Whew! I have been a busy girl!

And to add to all the craziness, my husband goes to church early to go to some meetings and he called and told me not to hurry and get ready for church today because he thought it would be cancelled...huh? You don't just cancel church? Well, he was standing outside waiting for the fire department to say the building was clear and they could re-enter. There had been a small electrical fire and the building was full of smoke! They didn't think they could get it cleared and get the smell out (that burned rubber plus electrical smell) out in time for church to start in an hour, so they cancelled it. So, I was able to piddle around the house and do a few odds and ends and have a nice relaxing morning. It was quite nice!

I am excited for Thanksgiving and all the fun and food that goes with it. This year has flown by and I can hardly believe that it is almost December...with Thanksgiving being late this year, you literally put away the turkey and pull out the Christmas lights!

I hope this post finds you all doing well and happy as we head into the holiday season. This time of year is a joyous time of year and I hope you can find some joy, no matter what your circumstances are.

Happy Sabbath!


Stamp With Linz said...

A Sunday off- what is that? Glad you've been able to get a lot done!

Heather said...

Yes, when we went over to Jake's house today, he said that some people from our ward had gone to their ward instead....I felt a little guilty because when they called and told me church was cancelled, it NEVER crossed my mind to go to the ward in the neighboring city...oh, what a heathen I am! I just thought..wahoo, a day off! It was supposed to be the primary program, so it was going to be a busy day for us in primary! Oh well, its been pushed back to next week!

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