Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scrapbooking-Turning 2 is fun to Do

(And...last time...the layout is laying on a polka dotten blanket, don't let it throw you off.)

Turning 2 is Fun to Do!

Here is yet another page of pictures taken on his actual birthday when we had cake with family members. This is a simple design and really took no time at all. The papers are all Stampin' Up and actually what made it super simple was that I bought this is a layout pack from my sister Lindsey at

She takes papers that go together and basically puts together the parts for a layout and then you just figure out where you want to adhere everything and mount your pictures and go. I really love how easy it is to do this with Stampin' Up because the colors always match...they are made to go the red ribbon matches the red paper matches the red buttons...for me, it makes life so much easier because I love my reds to match---that is just the way I am---I hate it when the color is off!

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