Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Thoughts--After Turkey Fun

Howdy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Do you like the new layout? I have been playing with it for days and I like this one today, no telling if I will like it stay tuned. If you hate it or love it, please let me know. If it is hard to read, let me know that too so I can adjust the colors.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and it was fun, exciting, and memorable. Almost all the men folk ate our early Thanksgiving day lunch and then hit the road for Big D as they travelled to the Dallas Cowboys traditional Thanksgiving Day Game. The excitement was electric...those boys were so excited they could hardly stand it and they all donned their favorite Cowboys paraphernalia and headed north. It was a great game and they had a great time. It will definitely be a memorable day for them to remember. The girls had a good time at home with the kids (I should say that we all had the opportunity to go as well, but I thought I would let my hubby go and I would stay and watch our little guy...but I would have loved to have gone as well!). We played and played and watched TV and was fun and the cousins have so much fun when they are together...never a dull moment...or a quiet one! We are also especially excited to have another little cousin heading our way in just a few weeks, so we threw a family baby shower for Anne and showered her with some last minute gifts. It will be fun to see them as parents and to welcome another beautiful baby into our family.

Then Black Friday is made for SHOPPING!!! My sisters and I love to hit the stores, and although we had one store opening at 4am, we decided to wait and be somewhat sane and not go until 6am. The first store we went to was packed and we waited in line 20-30 minutes just to check out, then we headed to my little sister and my favorite children's clothes store...The Children's Place...we L-O-V-E LOVE that place and you can tell by looking at most of our kids clothes. We took Anne along too so she could experience the love that is Children's Place and she was right there with us, arms full and grabbing some GREAT bargains. We all walked out of there with tons of beautiful kids clothes and bargains galore! We then headed to Panera Bread and ate a quick breakfast before we hit a couple more stores. We love Panera, I had the egg souffle with asparagus and spinach and it was total sisters had the breakfast sandwich that they said was the best breakfast sandwich they ever had...we all loved it! Then, we headed to our favorite and relatively newly found store...Anne Taylor...we shopped here a few months ago at Anne's insistence and have since been converted. Its all about that whole buy quality thing instead of quantity that I have spoken of before...Anne Taylor clothes are beautiful...the colors are saturated and lovely, the styles are trendy and classic, depending on whatever you want, and when you catch a great is really quite affordable....and we caught an awesome sale!

You know how you have some outfits that you know you look good good that you want to wear them every day because you know you look your best in...the outfits that you look skinnier than anything else you own...those are my Anne Taylor clothes...My little sister and I had our similarities confirmed as we kept coming up to each other and showing each other the same clothes, or she would say "This is so cute" and I would say "Do they have my size?" Its a good thing we don't live in the same town because we bought some of the exact same outfits. (As a side note, when we both lived in the same town, we would show up at events or church or whatever and be wearing the same thing without ever even talking to each other...sometimes it was a little embarrassing!)

Anyway, I am so sold on Anne Taylor stuff that I wonder if I ever want to shop anywhere again...really, it was that good. And I am hoping we hit the jackpot sometime this week because they are having another sale next week and you can use these $25 coupons we got this week...I could easily go spend a ton more!

Anyway--It was a fun shopping time for us all and now we know better that next time we do not need to get up at 4am or 6am, just wait until 8am when Children's Place opens and then head over the Panera for breakfast until Anne Taylor opens. It will be a beautiful thing!

Another wonderful thing that happened that day was the phrase that Lindsey said to me when I was trying on one outfit...we always come out and model the outfits and she said "I think you need a smaller size"...Wow...that was music to my ears! And, the best thing of all was that my favorite item was a beautiful chocolate chip brown jacket (Linz has one too now) and the largest size they had was a 10 so I grabbed it just to see if I might could fit into it...and it fit!!! I am not in a size 10 jeans yet, but I will get there eventually!

Speaking of sizes...I need to go to high heels camp tonight and get in a workout!

Much love and holiday greetings to you all!


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