Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crickets Chirping...

Sorry for being MIA, I was out of town at my twice yearly (is that bi-annual?) scrap booking retreat...can I just tell you that I had so much fun! I wish you could all experience the fun of retreat...good food, fun people, and tons and tons of creativity...and LOTS of inspiration!

I got a lot done....
9 scrap booking layouts, so 18 pages
1 frame gift
8 mini albums for teacher gifts
1 framed wall art
9 Christmas Cards (that I had started a year ago and never finished the last 9)
and I think that is it but I am probably forgetting something...

Anyway---I will take pictures tomorrow and get to posting some ideas! I seriously think I made some of the best scrap booking pages I have ever made...and I saw some super cute other ones that people made, so I will try to post some of those as well if I can get pictures. Since I don't have any girls, I don't make many girlie pages at all, so I will try to get some pictures of those to post.

So, I am glad to be home and rejuvenated from a totally fun weekend. I, of course, came home to a messy house...can you believe that the housekeeper, garbage man, and doctor did not show up while I was gone? :) My hubby and son both got sick on Saturday, so I got home about 10pm to a hubby who was not feeling well and to a little boy with a swollen eye...and ear infection. Hubby has one too. So, I will be off the next 2 days from work to watch the little guy until his eye clears up. I am happy to be home and spend some time with him since I have been gone for 3 I can get unpacked and TRY to get my house back in some semblance of order...although that may take weeks!

So, stay tuned!


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Stamp With Linz said...

It WAS a great retreat & you did a fabulous job on everything! Everyone should be in great anticipation! I came home to a sick hubbie too, I guess it's difficult to be without us for a few days. :)

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