Monday, November 17, 2008

Craft-Modge Podge & Papercraft

First off--Please ignore the messy table in the don't really see that, its your imagination playing tricks on you! (I was taking a quick picture to send to my sister to see if she thought my secret sister would like it and I didn't bother to take a nice pretty picture before I gave it to her, so these are my only shots. Oops! I was scrapbooking and packing and making things all at once so there is quite a hodge podge of crap on that table! Sorry! And sorry for the use of crap if you don't like that word.)

This is a sample of taking something you would normally throw away and making it into something really cute! This is a cream puff container, the kind you buy at Sam's and can never eat just one, it comes with like 50 and they are yummy and great fro parties...I digressed to cream puff heaven there for a second....anyway, I took this container and cleaned it and removed the side labels, the top one isn't removable so I just covered it up. Then I took scrap booking paper (this paper is from the Bella Rose Designer Series with Stampin' Up!) and used Modge podge to glue it to the container and then I went over the paper with Modge Podge so that it would be sealed and shiny. I thought this turned out super cute. I also covered a peanut butter jar (plastic) and a pickle jar (glass) in matching colors and gave them all as a little ensemble of gifts. I filled the peanut butter container with M&Ms.

This was for my "Secret Sister" gift at retreat and she acted like she loved it so I can only assume she does! We do secret pal type things at retreat and its really fun to see what people come up with. This one was a hit!

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Stamp With Linz said...

Yes is was totally adorable- all of them. Nicely done, Heather Belle!

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