Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to work!

Well, we made it through Ike with just a lot of wind and rain, we were on the west side of the hurricane and it went further east than expected so we only got hit by the outer bands. It was hours and hours of wind and rain and we lost power for an hour, but really it was equal to a bad thunderstorm like we get fairly often here in South Central Texas, but the wind was somewhere in the 30-60 miles and hour range so that is pretty gusty!

I will try to post sometime today if I get a chance and get back o business!

I hope everyone out there in Ike's path faired as well or better than we did, although my thoughts and prayers are with the people in Galveston/Beaumont/Surfside area, they have a lot of devestation to deal with.

Take Care,


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