Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craft-Lunch bag Scrapbook-an new one

Yep--Still awake!

Here is another lunch bag scrapbook that I did, I took pictures this time before I gave it away. This is one we will be doing for our super craft day our church. I mainly used Bella Rose Designer Paper from Stampin Up and then just a few accents here and there. Its not overly fancy because...well, it was after midnight and I think my fancy juices just plain ran out! But anyway, I needed to get it done so it could go on display tomorrow at church, so its done for now. There will also be a more "boyish" version where I will use Muirfield Designer Series Paper from SU and that will replace the reds and pinks with blues and greens.

This is the cover

One layout--it is supposed to look like presents/gifts and you can put your picture in the middle or journal.
Another layout..have you noticed I love the color chocolate chip?
I think these colors are tres cute!
Just cut the paper in a diagonal and voila! (See, I told you my creative juices were running low)
And the back cover...

I wanted it to be Christmas-y for those who wanted to use it for Christmas but also versatile enough that it could be used for something else. Was I successful? Well, I think so but like I said, its 2 am...what do I know?! I may totally hate it by sunrise!

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Stamp With Linz said...

I can't imagine why it would be hard to create something at 2am...? You're crazy! It's cute, though! :) Well done!

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