Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update--Body Boot Camp

Well, its day 2 after the first time I went to Body Boot Camp. Am I betcha! I worked out just a little bit last night and did a good 45 minute work out tonight. I think I am going to try to go to the boot camp again on Monday. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful between me and exercising!

I already feel better and the soreness reminds me that I actually did something and that there are muscles under those layers of infertility! Some people have to work off their "baby weight" after having a baby--for my that was no problem, I lost that quickly (but I was also Gestational Diabetic so I was on a strict diet and only gained 16 pounds at 33 weeks, after that I got pre-eclampsia and gained a bunch of water weight but that left after my son was born). Anyway---I digree...I had 6 years of infertility treatments and drugs that make you fat and bloated...I still have clung onto those pounds but I have decided to sever that relationship for good and say So Long, Farewell, Adieu, and Au Revior to those pounds!

Now---off to bed, hopefully!

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