Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fitness--Boot Camp

While I think exercise is important, I don't do it nearly fact, if you looked at me you might not think I work out at all....and you would be right a lot of the time. I go through phases where I am really good and then I have the stage that I have been in for about 2 years....did I mention my son is 2 years old?

So, my friend Angie is doing a Fitness Boot Camp. Its a month long program where you work out 5 days a week for a month with these fitness gurus and you get in shape and learn about nutrition and all this good stuff. She can invite a friend for free so I am her friend tonight. I am really interested in doing this, I am just not sure I can swing it with my schedule but I am going to try. Its a little pricey but if it gets me off my hiney and jump starts so good fitness, it will be worth it! Plus, if I do it with friends, I think it will be more of a motivation to actually go. Plus, for every class you miss you have to do 20 push ups or something....did I mention I hate push ups? The classes are at 5:30am and 5:30pm, so I am trying to work my schedule where I can do one of those. We will see!

So, I am going to go here in a little while and expereince this boot camp....I am thinking it is something like Biggest Loser without living there, so we will see!

So, let's get fit! I want my outside to match my beautiful insides!


UPDATE 11:30 pm

Well I went and had a good time. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow since I haven't really worked out much lately I mean in forever. We did basic things, it was at a park and the weather lately (since Hurricane Ike left) has been lovely so it was a pleasnat time. I cannot imagine doing this in August in Texas at 5pm...that is like...scorching hot and humid time!

Anyway, for warm up we went up and down an incline/hill at the ampitheatre at the park. We did high knee jogs, lungs, hurdle leg thingies, and such both up and down the this point I was already a little out of breath! Then we did some tricep ppush up things on a park bench and squats, then we did some weights with our exercises, then we did abs and then cooled down. It was a good workout and I thought it was a painful kind of way...but hey, it got the old ticker going and made me feel good...gotta love endorphins! my friend and I are thinking we could do this with a group of church friends. It would be cheaper and more fun since we would be with friends. We could take turns leading it, develop friendships, and get in a good workout all at once.

So, get off your tushy and do something good for your body! I know that I feel great and when I am sire tomorrow I will know that I was doing something good and that I should continue!

If you have an exercise group with your lady friends, let me know how it works and how you coordinate it. I am all ears!

Good night!

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