Monday, September 29, 2008

Decorating-Edible Arrangments

I love a pretty centerpiece...and I especially love the ones that are also edible! I bought this bag of apples at Sam's and just threw them in this beautiful red bowl and VOILA! Its a lovely arrangement to display...not to mention I can easily grab one on my way out the door.

I am typically a green apple kind of girl, Granny Smith to be exact, but my husband wanted red so here you go. This would look nice mixed with green apples or even lemons or any other bright colored fruit.

Since I am doing this boot camp fitness camp, our nutrition lessons tell us to eat 5 meals a day, basically 3 smaller meals and 2 snacks. Well, your snack needs to have a protein, a crab, and a fat. I like to take one of these apples and snack on it with some slices of good cheese and a few pecans. Apples and peanut butter would also work.

I also really like this way of displaying food because you don't have to make room in your pantry. When we were building our house, we did a custom design and made our pantry 5 feet by 5 feet. (I would have preferred bigger, but that would have taken away from my nice big kitchen...the two biggest rooms in our house are the kitchen and master bedroom, the master bath runs a close 3rd...can you tell where our priorities were? Needless to mention that we didn't have kids yet, although I was going through in vitro) Anyway, our realtor and design consultant kept trying to tell us that we should make that pantry smaller...we said no way and I am so glad we did. There are plenty of times I wish it was bigger. In fact, in my dream home, I have a large room under the stairs that is a hurricane room and a food storage room and a craft fact I want one whole wall full of drawers for me to store stuff...and in my ultimate Utopia, everything is labeled and in its place. Yep, I am one of those girls who wants a label maker for my birthday!

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