Thursday, September 4, 2008

Decorating--Wall Art Vinyl Style

I just love the new trend in vinyl lettering and wall art. It is especially great for people who live in an apartment or rental because they can apply it and take it off without damaging the walls. I think its a fun way to make a statement and decorate, especially because you can have whatever you want made into a quote that you can put on your wall.

Stampin Up has their own version of this, you can see it at
I got a few of these pieces for my birthday and I am wandering around my house trying to figure out where they will look fabulous.

We also use the same vinyl art technique in some crafts we did at our Super Craft Thursday last year in our ward. We mainly used them on things with your last name or Family home Evening boards and such and they turned out so nicely. We have a lady in town whom you can order vinyl lettering from but it seems like a really popular thing these days so you might check the Internet or your area listings and see what you can find.

These are really easy to make and yet so elegant. I love things that are personalized and they make great gifts. Honestly, all you do is take off the back layer of the paper, center the word that you are working on and place it where you want, then you take a tongue depressor or similar and rub firmly on the backside of the vinyl transfer. Once you have done that and are sure there are no bubbles and the vinyl has transferred, then you peal off the backside and there you have it. If you are doing it on wood with 2 layers of words, do the back layer first and then the top layer, for instance on the wood one below, you do the surname first and then the other word second so it shows up on top. If you are doing it on glass for the black frame below, then you would have to figure out if you want the lettering on the inside or outside of the glass and figure out of you need to have the name revered so that when it transfers, it is correct. The glass ones are nice because the wall color comes through the glass since it is see through!

The "Christ is the center of our home, a guest at every meal..." one is just transferred onto a kitchen ceramic tile, one of the rough ones that look like a natural stone. I gave this as a gift to a friend of mine and she loved it.

If you are interested in seeing the other projects we did last year and the costs, you can check out this web page

we created this web page and then never used it, but it shows you our examples and the prices. As a side note, we only charged people cost on these items, we did not make any money, we wanted people to be able to get them for the cheapest price possible!


Stamp With Linz said...

Yes I love the projects you gave me for my birthday/Christmas- personalized things are the best!

Marcy said...

Thanks for writing this.

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