Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cooking Tips-What the heck do you do with plain yogurt?

I admit...I am cheating a little on this one....I found this link and just want to share, I thought these were some great ideas. This is from The Pioneer Woman web page...it is a page that I love and wanted to share. You can check out these tips for how to use plain yogurt and also check out her recipes....she has GREAT recipes and shows pictures and gives full instruction. She is the arsenal you want to have in your back pocket when you need a good recipe.

I always buy plain yogart for a specific recipe and then don't use it all and it just sits there unless I throw it in a smoothie or something. She has the same issues so I thought her ideas were great!

So, I hope you enjoy her and her sense of humor as much as I do...

Here is the link for the plain yogurt

And here is the Main Cooking Page of The Pioneer Woman


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