Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Craft or Card Making- Bookmark: Faith is like a Mustard Seed

This is a little bookmark thing that I gave to my Primary Class (10-12 year old girls) a few weeks ago. This uses the whole "faith is like a mustard seed" scripture reference. These bookmarks are super cool because the mustard seeds move around when you shake it. You can do other techniques similar to this one with glitter or beads or whatever. I will try to demo how I did this. It is with another card but you can at least see the technique....here goes...

Here are the general supplies...note that on this one I am using salt instead of mustard seeds, I want to give the effect of snow...but you could also reference it to a scripture about salt!
Salt/Mustard Seed/Glitter (Whatever you want to be in there that will move)
Double sided thick tape (green and white)
Super Sticky Thin double sided tape (red roll seen here)
Small piece of acetate or transparency to cover the punch out
Paper (2) whatever size you want the final to be

#1. Take the paper and make the punch. In this case I used a scalloped or flower punch. I thought it kind of went with the snow flake theme.
#2. Take the super sticky small double sided tape and place it around the punch so the acetate will have something to stick to.
#3. Place the acetate on the tape once you peel back the second side of the tape.
#4 Place the double sided thick tape on top of the acetate around the edge of the punch out so that you cannot see it through the acetate. Note--Keep the second side of backing on the double sides tape until after the next step...I didn't...what a dork!)

#5. Take the salt (or whatever you are using) and place it in the center of the acetate. Use however much or little as you want.

#6. Peel off the backing of the thick double sided tape.

#7. Glue around the outer edged of the 2nd sheet of paper and place the back of the bookmark on top of the other sheet matching up the edges. Press firmly to make sure the glue sticks and the double sided tape is adhered completely.

#8. Now you can decorate...you could also have decorated before you ever did any of this stuff, its just your preference!

Once I get the card finished, I will post the finished product. I want it to be a snow theme, I am just not sure yet what I want to put on it. Stay tuned!


The Pepper 6-pack said...

These are adorable. My girls would love those. cj

Stamp With Linz said...

These are fun with glitter too!

rpp said...

Man! What a great primary teacher are you??!!! Want to move to our ward? :)

Heather said...

:) Thanks! My girls love it when I bring crafts for them to do or if I make something for them. Whenever the lesson says something like "Have the children write down on a piece of paper the things they are thankful for" then I usually go a step further and we will make it a book mark or a cute little sign they can put on their mirror or whatever. It keeps them interested in doing the activity because they can use punches, markers, stickers, etc. And hey, it can fill in that last 10 minutes of the lesson in case you get done early!

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