Saturday, September 27, 2008

Decorating--Welcome Autumn!

Hello All--

Sorry to be MIA..its been a busy week...well, really 3 weeks and I am ready for September to be OVER! This month has been quite a doozy! Things are now getting back to normal post Hurricane Ike...most of the evacuees have gone home or at least are heading in that general direction. There are still some cities without electricity and Galveston is possibly still months away from getting their full utilities back. Because of this, our university campus in Galveston has shut down for the semester and they have moved those students and faculty up to our campus. this has been a tricky thing to undertake and these poor Galveston students are used to a student population of 1,700 and now they are mixed in with a student population of 46,000. Quite a difference! We are doing what we can to help them get settled but I am sure they are anxious and probably overwhelmed. In fact, today was the first day that they could go down to the island and get on campus to retrieve their belongings. Many of them left with a suitcase or a backpack and left much of their stuff there only to be told that they cannot go back and get it until today. The island itself just opened up this past Wednesday and campus was open today for people to come retrieve their items for something like 6 hours. Luckily, there was not much structure damage done at all to the campus itself, its the fact that the pipeline that provides utilities to the island was severed and you can't have school without those basic things like running water! So anyway, work has been busy handing all of that plus my boot camp is still going strong so I just plain haven't had much time to post. Sorry! I will try to be better!

So anyway...WELCOME AUTUMN! This is one of my favorite times of years...I love all the colors (except that burnt orange color) and the cooler weather is wonderful! I also love football season...even though it brings with it my busiest time at work...I still love the game!

So, its time to pull out those pumpkins and add a little cheer! I am an Autumn/Fall/Harvest type decorator. I really don't do Halloween decorations very much, I go for more of the scarecrow and pumpkin type themes over vampires and bats...but each their own! My sister is the opposite and goes ALL OUT for Halloween...she even has a 7 ft spider that lurks in her yard every year for Halloween.

So, be festive with whatever holiday you prefer and have fun! Places like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and other craft stores have already begun to mark this stuff down so now is a good time to buy a few things if you need to. I also LOVE to buy the really unusual pumpkins. They orange ones are fine but I really love the white and blue ones and odd shades and specles!


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