Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

I also want to say how proud to be an American I am on this day. I remember September 11th vividly as I watched it unfold at home and then listened on the radio and then immediately put the tv on up at the hotel desk and consequently watched all the devastation of those towers crashing down. It was surreal and frightening and baffling all at once...and it forever changed my world and yours.

Thank you to all the first responders....those people who are the ones running in when we are running away. To all those people who gave their life so that others might be saved. To those soldiers who fought years ago to create our freedoms and preserve them and to those today who raise their fist at terrorists and say "We will not let you break us, our Spirit, or our our country!"

And to those innocent victims of 9-11, those people who got up that day and drank their orange juice just like any other day and went to work and never came home. Our hearts bleed for your family members and loved ones and their loneliness and terror as they realized their lives were just ripped apart in a head on crash with reality. We pray that you are cradled in God's palm yesterday, today, and always...because every day will be a memory and every day will have some ache of times gone by and time lost.

Our world was shattered that day, but we have grown stronger from it and we will persevere and continue to fight for our freedom and our children's freedom.

Because we will never forget....

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