Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kitchen Basics--Knives

You know, it is really important to have good knives in your kitchen.

Did you know that most kitchen knife injuries happen with a dull knife? Its because people are trying to force the knife and it ends up cutting them too!
So, I needed a new knife because mine have been getting dull. I will take them to get sharpened here soon but I also needed one of these knives, kind of like the one Rachel Ray uses on her show. I was at Kohl's and they had this on sell. Its about a 4.5 inch blade I believe, so in between a paring knife and a chef's knife...good for most anything medium and small sized. I really like this knife and I love that it is nice and sharp! This was on sale and only like $12.00....I think it was 50% off...they were having a big sale and most things in the store were on sale.
So do your still attached fingers a favor and keep your knives sharpened or save up and get some good quality knives. Watch for sales like this one...this is a Kitchen aid knife so it should be a keeper!

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