Friday, September 5, 2008

Decorating-Covering Books

I came across this picture in the September Issue of Veranda Magazine. I love this magazine, I came across it one day when I was splurging and getting a pedicure and I grabbed this magazine to look at while I was sitting in one of those fabulous massage chairs while these wonderful people make my feet look so cute and summer fun-ish! (I even got little flowers painted on my big toe nails!)

This magazine is my style...if I had a million dollars to decorate my house, a housekeeper to keep it clean, and a fabulous view out every window. Basically, it is my style if I had an unlimited budget...which I don't! However I love to look at these magazines and take little snipits of their style and use it in my home.

I really love the way these books look with these covers, they make the room colors look in harmony and have a similar color scheme. I admit that I would have to still have their titles printed on the spine so I could find the book, but I like the overall look of this, because lets face it, not all books are pretty or match your decor! I could see doing a series all in the same paper so that you knew it was that series and could easily locate it. I think the most economical way to do this would be to buy rolls of wallpaper (the kind without adhesive on it) and use that to cover the books because you would get a large amount of paper and they would all match. You could also use fabric, wrapping paper, or butcher paper if you wanted to make your own design with stamps or something. Anyway--I think this is a nice way to make your books match and it will probably help keep the cover of your book in better shape since it is protecting it.

I have also seen some wall papers that are beautiful enough to frame and hang on the wall, so that is another way to coordinate your colors. You could also use the wall paper as a mat on a frame.

My father was a professional wall paper-er for a while during his life so we always had spare rolls of wall paper around. We used that stuff for everything from wrapping paper, to decorating, book covers, you name it! I even wall papered a desk once in my life...and it looked pretty good!

So, here is the picture of the entire room and then a close up picture. Enjoy!

You should try to have at least one beautiful space that is yours...a space where you can go and relax and think and just feel good. If that place is sitting on your back porch in a swing or in a sitting area in your guest doesn't matter, just have a place where you can go and feel peace and think. A place where you can feel like you again, if only briefly.

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Stamp With Linz said...

That's clever- I just don't have the time to cover all my books...maybe someday! :) Right now my girls pull off most covers anyways- books, bed, etc!

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