Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Hurricane Ike Survival Kit

Well, as I sit here Thursday night at my house, I am getting ready to go to work tomorrow as one of those "essential employees" who are basically always at work, even when almost everyone else is at home. The university has closed but my building is on stand by as a tornado shelter in the event of tornadic activities. There are 2 other shelters on campus for evacuees so there are plenty of other people working as well. Our building is mostly going to be closed and locked up, but we do have one wing with 29 hotel rooms and a few on campus residents living in it, so we are monitoring them as well. so, basically, I will be at work for at least 8 hour shifts with not much to do but watch the weather and keep apprised of the situation, so I have attached below my version of a good survival kit.....yes, those are scrap booking supplies. I figure a few hours of free time with nothing to do, I might as well be productive right? I may not even have a chance to open it but I would like to have it there just in case!

...and don't worry, I also have a packed bag with other essentials and we have food on the premises!

We sure hope this is a non-issue and we are not badly hit but with a storm that is currently almost the size of Texas and 525 miles across, the odds are we will at least be hit with lots of rain and 50-60 mile and hour winds. My boys will hunker down at home without me and I will join them when I can.

So, to all you people in the Ike safe! To those who are not, I will be back with you in a couple of days baring no major problems. If our electricity maintains, then I may be able to post here and there.

Take Care!

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