Monday, September 15, 2008

Pretty Storage

Okay--back to business....

Storage does not have to just be utilitarian or ugly, there are LOTS of ways to have pretty storage. Here are a few ideas....

I have lived in some tiny houses and so for a while I was the queen of storage...if you looked under anything, there were things stored under it....

This first one is a very pretty toy box. This has been in my living room and also in my office. If you were to open it, you would find train tracks, trains, toys, etc. This is a toy box that I didn't mind being out in the open because I think it is stylish and vogue and I just love it. Think of traditional items that you can use in an un-traditional way, you might be surprised how much you can hide behind or in something!

And this is just a pretty basket...I have it on my computer desk and I have tons of random papers and such stored in it. It looks nice, even if the stuff in it is just random!
And this is my printer table, its just one of those $9 tables you can get at Wal Mart or just about anywhere that carries that type of thing. It is a circle table with 3 legs, I have thrown a lovely tablecloth over it and you can store any number of items under storage included!
So, be creative and use beautiful things to hide the ugly! Most people will never know what you have hiding in there!

Have a beautiful day!

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