Sunday, September 7, 2008

Craft-Simple Scrapbooking Layout

Happy Sunday to all!

Tonight I just wanted to post a simple scrap booking layout that is so easy and you can use it for virtually any theme or occasion. I used this one as a "filmstrip" kind of layout where each picture is a moment in time of a series, but you could really just use any event or whatever you were wanting to scrapbook. This layout was done at a Scrap booking retreat and it was either Lindsey or Leah's idea (you can see their blogs at the links to the right).

For this I chose 3 colors and used them over and over again: Chocolate chip brown, vanilla, and either bashful blue or sky blue. You cut each of your pictures to be a square and just line them up across the page. My pictures are 4X4 so 3 of them fit across a 12X12 page, and I have a 2 page layout, so 6 pictures total.

he title "The Remote Control" is stamped on with chocolate chip brown ink and the rest is paper and ribbon. The polka dots are the "au chocolate" series from Stampin Up that I LOVE but has been discontinued, although they have a new series out now that I might just like better!

I used this to show the action my son would take in trying to steal the remote control. He knew at a young age where the power of the household was held! The brown rectangles are for journaling. This page is so basic and of the reasons I love it plus its SUPER versatile. You could easily switch out the blue for pink and do a baby girl page or go for primary colors and do something completely different.

For a change, you could also scallop the border papers, make flow-y waves, or use some fun scissor cuts. The possibilities are endless!

Sorry that these are not the best shots of these pages. I hope you can get the idea!

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